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Diesel Tech Questions it shouldn't work for a Ram's 12-valve Cummins. While the pressure is a lot higher than that of the factory lift pump, it's not enough to damage the injection pump (although it may be a little hard on the lift pump). If you keep adding power to

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Riding On Air

Riding On Air Fuel injectors spray fuel inside of your engine, but did you know that air needs to mix with that fuel as well? In reality, it takes a lot more air than fuel to create a mixture that will burn efficiently when the spark plugs fire and that air needs to


Opioid overdose epidemic: How emergency responders can save lives

Opioid overdose epidemic: How emergency responders can save lives LAS VEGAS — Opioid overdose is a widespread problem that affects all communities and socioeconomic groups in the U.S. and has recently become a leading causes of preventable death. Emergency responders – EMS, police, and fire – are increasingly

LODD: Volunteer EMT/Firefighter killed in NY ambulance collision

RIGA, NY — Barry Miller, 50, a Bergen (N.Y.) Fire Department EMT/firefighter, as well as a county coroner, was killed Wednesday morning when the ambulance he was riding in collided with a construction vehicle. Miller was riding in the front passenger

Rapid Response: EMS needs to support non-prescription Narcan

Rapid Response: EMS needs to support non-prescription Narcan What happened: CVS, the national pharmacy chain store, announced it will start selling naloxone (Narcan) rescue kits without a prescription in 12 more states. In addition to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the kits will be available for purchase in

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FASS Fuel Air Separation System Install

Fuel contaminants are the eventual killer of most injectors but, unfortunately, some diesel owners may not realize this until it is too late. FASS fuel filtration systems have become very popular, as these simple devices remove air or vapor from the fuel ...


1998 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT

Fass 150 lift pump is already installed and the filters were recently changed, the BD exhaust brake is great for towing, as well as the K&N intake and 4 inch muffled exhaust. Upgraded injectors and an edge comp box give you that little extra power you need ...


This 1999 F-250 Powerstroke is a Diesel Burning Powerhouse

Upgrades includ Diesel Innovations Stage 3 injectors, 38r Turbo, comp 910 valve springs, fluid damper, ARP headstuds, all forged internals, dual terminator hpops, regulated return fuel system with FASS pump, propane injection, Suncoast torque converter ...


LML fass 150 stock injectors twin S475/stock

White Knight: Mike Dunk Sr's Do-It-All 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 - TruckTrend Network

Senior is also known for rolling his big rig to the line and making a pass or two in it as well, with the 8,000-pound beast clipping off very respectable 13. 40-second elapsed times at 101 mph. “The majority of changes to my truck over the last 10 years were done to make it a better-performing tow rig and work truck,” he says. ” The other engine modifications include an O--ringed cylinder head, ATS Diesel Performance Pulse Flow exhaust manifold, an “old-school” Piaggio APE air-intake setup with Snow Performance water-methanol injection, and an S&B filter system, all... Senior dialed in towing and track performance with an Edge Products Juice with Attitude programmer and companion CTSmonitor. Senior says he’s always had a great affection for high-performance vehicles and his Mega Cab Dodge Ram is no exception. The black-and-white 4x4 rides atop a 6-inch BDS Suspension long-travel front setup that’s enhanced with Epiq Suspension’s upper control arms and RadFlo Suspension Technology 2. 5-inch remote-reservoir shocks. Several times a month “Senior,” as he’s known by many, hooks up a trailer loaded with his street-strip Camaro to compete alongside his two sons, Mike Jr. and Eric, at Woodburn, Oregon’s NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip. Senior also added a 5-inch stainless-steel Magnaflow exhaust. When Senior’s rig inadvertently occupied the same highway space as another rig and suffered some damage, he replaced the factory hood with one from an SRT-10 to give his truck a meaner look. The exterior and suspension on Senior’s ’06 Dodge Ram 3500 are areas that initially catch onlookers’ attention. The rear suspension also uses 2. 5-inch RadFlo shocks, stock springs sitting on 4-inch blocks, and Epiq’s adjustable traction bars.


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VTB brings Bolshoi ballet to Kennedy Center - Politico

VTB brings Bolshoi ballet to Kennedy Center
Mylan lobbied the task force to classify epinephrine auto-injectors in a way to guarantee coverage without copays or deductibles. ... of AmerisourceBergen; Bruce Nilles, Sierra Club; James Cleary, Jr., Executive Vice President, AmerisourceBergen; Priti ...

10 Easy-Deezy Mods - Hot Rod Network

Hot Rod Network
10 Easy-Deezy Mods
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While they were rated at 160 hp from the factory, free modifications to the fueling system can bump the trucks up another 50-70 hp or so, without many adverse effects. Nevertheless, these trucks are fuel limited by the Bosch VE injection pump, and will ...

Narcan prices increase 'by 1000 percent or more' -

Narcan prices increase 'by 1000 percent or more'
One manufacturer, Kaleo of Richmond, Va., increased the wholesale price of its auto-injector to $4,500 this year for a package of two from $690 in 2014. Increased access to naloxone is among the measures included in federal legislation that Congress ...

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This 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is a Well Dressed Brute - TruckTrend Network

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This 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is a Well Dressed Brute
TruckTrend Network
The fueling is interesting as well, employing a FASS Diesel Fuel Systems 220-gph Titanium lift pump, an Exergy Performance 12mm stroker fuel pump, and Exergy's 100-percent-over injectors. Matt's Duramax will surely garner some second looks from diesel ...

2016 Diesel Power Challenge Voting - TruckTrend Network

2016 Diesel Power Challenge Voting
TruckTrend Network
Power/Torque: 1,150 hp/2,000 lb-ft. Fuel Economy: 14 mpg. Turbo(s): Duals—BorgWarner S369 and S480 Fueling: 50-percent-over injectors, HDP dual injection pump kit, and Fass 220-gph lift pump. Electronics: SCT programmer. Injectables: Nitrous oxide

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