Diesel Tech Questions

Diesel Tech Questions it shouldn't work for a Ram's 12-valve Cummins. While the pressure is a lot higher than that of the factory lift pump, it's not enough to damage the injection pump (although it may be a little hard on the lift pump). If you keep adding power to

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Riding On Air

Riding On Air Fuel injectors spray fuel inside of your engine, but did you know that air needs to mix with that fuel as well? In reality, it takes a lot more air than fuel to create a mixture that will burn efficiently when the spark plugs fire and that air needs to


Opioid overdose epidemic: How emergency responders can save lives

Opioid overdose epidemic: How emergency responders can save lives LAS VEGAS — Opioid overdose is a widespread problem that affects all communities and socioeconomic groups in the U.S. and has recently become a leading causes of preventable death. Emergency responders – EMS, police, and fire – are increasingly

LODD: Volunteer EMT/Firefighter killed in NY ambulance collision

RIGA, NY — Barry Miller, 50, a Bergen (N.Y.) Fire Department EMT/firefighter, as well as a county coroner, was killed Wednesday morning when the ambulance he was riding in collided with a construction vehicle. Miller was riding in the front passenger

Rapid Response: EMS needs to support non-prescription Narcan

Rapid Response: EMS needs to support non-prescription Narcan What happened: CVS, the national pharmacy chain store, announced it will start selling naloxone (Narcan) rescue kits without a prescription in 12 more states. In addition to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the kits will be available for purchase in

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FASS Diesel Fuel Systems

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FASS Fuel Air Separation System Install

Fuel contaminants are the eventual killer of most injectors but, unfortunately, some diesel owners may not realize this until it is too late. FASS fuel filtration systems have become very popular, as these simple devices remove air or vapor from the fuel ...


1998 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT

Fass 150 lift pump is already installed and the filters were recently changed, the BD exhaust brake is great for towing, as well as the K&N intake and 4 inch muffled exhaust. Upgraded injectors and an edge comp box give you that little extra power you need ...


This 1999 F-250 Powerstroke is a Diesel Burning Powerhouse

Upgrades includ Diesel Innovations Stage 3 injectors, 38r Turbo, comp 910 valve springs, fluid damper, ARP headstuds, all forged internals, dual terminator hpops, regulated return fuel system with FASS pump, propane injection, Suncoast torque converter ...


LML fass 150 stock injectors twin S475/stock

Narcan prices increase 'by 1000 percent or more' -

Select the option or tab named “Internet Options (Internet Explorer)”, “Options (Firefox)”, “Preferences (Safari)” or “Settings (Chrome)”. The Solace Foundation in Orange County, the group that Dunkle co-founded, says the drug has been used since February to reverse 128 overdoses that otherwise probably would have been fatal. But as the demand for naloxone has risen — overdose deaths now total 130 every day, or roughly the capacity of a Boeing 737 — the drug’s price has soared. Not long ago, a dose of the decades-old generic drug cost little more than a dollar. com” and click OK. If you need further help setting your homepage, check your browser’s Help menu. “They panicked,” Dunkle said, “and dumped him in a parking lot. Now the lowest available price is nearly 20 times that. The White House has said that President Barack Obama plans to sign the bill. “At the same time this epidemic is killing tens of thousands of Americans a year,” said McCaskill, “we’re seeing the price of naloxone go up by 1,000 percent or more. , wrote to Kaleo, Rancho Cucamonga’s Amphastar Pharmaceuticals and three other drugmakers, asking why they had hiked prices for naloxone during a public health crisis. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. One manufacturer, Kaleo of Richmond, Va. , increased the wholesale price of its auto-injector to $4,500 this year for a package of two from $690 in 2014. Increased access to naloxone is among the measures included in federal legislation that... Naloxone works by blocking the effect that painkillers and heroin have in the brain and reversing the slowed breathing and unconsciousness that come with an overdose. Look for a box or option labeled “Home Page (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)” or “On Startup (Chrome)”.


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Scrapyard Savior: Industrial Injection's Silverado 2500 HD - Truck Trend Network

Truck Trend Network
Scrapyard Savior: Industrial Injection's Silverado 2500 HD
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Most interestingly, the Chevy also enjoys a constant stream of diesel, thanks in part to Industrial Injection's unique triple-CP3 injection pump setup. The kit combines with King Cobra injectors and two Fass lift pumps capable of moving 260 gph each ...

10 Easy-Deezy Mods - Hot Rod Network

Hot Rod Network
10 Easy-Deezy Mods
Hot Rod Network
Turn up the wick on any '89-14 Cummins diesel with these simple mods. We walk you through four generations of Ram diesel tweaks! Mopar folks are a proud bunch who understand that Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth have always made some awesome ...

This 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is a Well Dressed Brute - TruckTrend Network

TruckTrend Network
This 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD is a Well Dressed Brute
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The fueling is interesting as well, employing a FASS Diesel Fuel Systems 220-gph Titanium lift pump, an Exergy Performance 12mm stroker fuel pump, and Exergy's 100-percent-over injectors. Matt's Duramax will surely garner some second looks from diesel ...

Diesel Tech Questions - TruckTrend Network

TruckTrend Network
Diesel Tech Questions
TruckTrend Network
Mechanically, the injectors may be partially clogged, which will definitely affect fuel economy without a noticeable difference in power until you're trying to tow a heavy load. It would be wise to check the condition of the turbocharger up-pipes; even ...

White Knight: Mike Dunk Sr's Do-It-All 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 - TruckTrend Network

TruckTrend Network
White Knight: Mike Dunk Sr's Do-It-All 2006 Dodge Ram 3500
TruckTrend Network
For example, exhaust from the truck's the 5.9L Cummins spins an Industrial Injection PhatShaft 64 turbocharger (with the 14cm housing to maximize the mid-range towing power) while Dynomite Diesel Products' stump-pulling 90-hp injectors boost the fuel.

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