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    Audi's $100000 Diesel Sedan Charges Like Rogue Elephant

  • The thought of mating a shiny car like the A8 with a diesel. On the highway, the A8 L TDI is the class’s new gas mileage. ) Compare that to the top-of-the-line Lexus hybrid, the. summer, TDI versions of the A6 and A7 sedans and the Q5 SUV will. Diesel Offensive Audi is pushing diesel across its lines. The A8 TDI starts at $82,500, making it pricier than the. found on vehicles ranging from the VW Passat to the Audi Q7 SUV,. By the end of the. released a diesel-powered version of its A8 long-wheelbase. also sells a diesel version of its iconic S-Class. Diesels tend to make converts. Perhaps diesel’s time in America has finally. six-cylinder, long-wheelbase A8 ($78,800), but less than the. you could also bet on those full-sized cars sucking down gas by. the barrelful.

White Smoke And Misfire, Perkins Engine

The needle needs to be at 30 minutes (ie. half a degree)  different to the seat angle, otherwise the injector spring cannot exert sufficient pressure on the point of sealing to create a sufficiently tight enough sealing pressure (as the spring... Low Compression Causing Unburnt Fuel It is possible that anything which causes low compression can cause incomplete burning of the fuel, as the diesel engine works by compression ignition. provided injectors and pump have been done, and depending on the job done on them, sometimes the leak back wont work on the injectors for a while.    If the original head is serviceable then I would definately go for new guides and seats in your original head rather than the new £200 one. One common reason for this at low revs (but no white smoke at high revs) is dribbling injectors.   So not only is there more spring pressure applied to this point, but also the circumfrance of the sealing surface is much smaller (at the cones point) and so less sealing area so leak. theres too much diesel being delivered to injectors but the leak back cant work so it gets forced into the cylinders. However, given the symptoms of white smoke only at low revs then VTE thinks that the injectors would be the first thing to look at. hi. seen prob similar before. The Cause Of The Smoke White smoke is usually unburnt fuel.   We have even experienced this with new injcetors and have had to re-grind them on the Hartridge Injectomatic machine to re-finnish the angle at the bottom of the nozzle and the needle. The two front cylinders come out of the one front hole, but you can sometimes differentiate between the two front cylinders if you look carefully enough.   The outer cone is the nozzle and the inner cone is the needle.   If they are cut at exactly the same angle (or worn so they are now at the same angle) they will try to seal along the whole length of the cones. You should be able to see which cylinder is producing the white smoke (if it is one particular cylinder rather than all of them). what happens is the pump is working at peak efficiency, and the injectors are very tight. When hot and working hard the engine runs fine, seems to have sufficient power and burns clean with no white smoke. The Problem We recently had a message from Jock who has been getting white smoke and misfire when the engine is ticking over (Perkins 3A. 152).

Apr 12, 2013 by Ketan Salunke | Posted in Engineering

which engine has more knocking 4 stroke or 2 stroke?

please explain knocking is more in 2 or 4 stroke engine with reason and knocking is more in diesel or petrol engine?

The knocking on an indirect injection diesel engine is known as 'injector knock'. It is caused by the injector nozzle opening as the fuel supply pressure rises and closing again as it falls. Pressures are very high and the spring holding the injector nozzle closed is strong, hence the knock. Combustion in the upper combustion chamber also contributes to knock. On modern common rail direct injection engines with electronic control, the injectors do not have the strong springs, they are controlled by piezo electric elements which are quiet in operation. Petrol engines of any type should not knock if they are running correctly.

Bob | Apr 12, 2013
Dave P | Apr 12, 2013
A 2 stroke engine uses a fuel oil mixture and does not have an oil tank. A 4 stroke uses plain fuel and has an oil reservoir and seem to run smoother. A Diesel engine runs on diesel which is similar to heating oil. And they sound like they will fly apart at any time. But for some reason they last a really long time being worked hard. That is why they use them in the big trucks.
Mani | Apr 12, 2013
the knocking is more only on petrol engine and because of the spark plug...2 stroke is more knocking and also 2 strokes are very good in speed and pick up
gatorbait | Apr 12, 2013
Knocking in 4 stroke engines is due to pre-ignition of the fuel/air mixture in the cylinders. This is usually due to using fuel with an octane level that is too low, or from a spark advance that not set correctly. It is almost impossible to get a 2 stroke engine to knock. Diesel engines knock all the time because that is part of the way they operate.
Jan 15, 2013 by Gamer | Posted in Engineering

Where does a car fuel injector get all its pressure from?

A typical car fuel pump produces 30-35 psi of pressure. However cars having direct fuel injection have injection pressures of 26,000 psi... [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuel_inject ion#Direct_injection] How does that happen?

The 30-35psi fuel pumps are to transfer fuel from the tank to the engine bay. If they weren't there fuel would literally boil in the pipes going to the engine due to friction in a long pipe leading to low pressure on the inlet side of a high pressure pump. The high pressure is inevitably generated by a piston injection pump that's somewhere near the engine. Some injectors have their own piston pumps built into them. These tend to have a block of piezo electric material which changes shape when a voltage is applied and that's arranged to push fuel out of the nozzle. Other injectors run on a system called common rail.The injectors on this system are little more than valves which open and shut blocking the flow of fuel from a high pressure pump that'll be engine or electrically driven, depending on how much power the pump requires. Diesel engines also run a kind of direct fuel injection. In older type diesel engines the pressure was produced by a huge injector pump bolted on the side of the engine that's driven directly to the engine(as it usually absorbs about 1/5 of the raw power the engine produces)- In these older systems this pump was also responsible for the timing of fuel delivery, and duration of the fuel injection- and as a result was a complicated/expensive part. never heard of it being used for fuel injection but it is feasible to convert large amounts of low pressure fluid into small amounts of high pressure fluid. Have two pistons each acting on their own chamber. the force produced by pressure acting on a piston is pressure times area. so if one piston has say 1/1000 the area, to keep forces balanced the pressure above the small piston ends up being 1000 times bigger. Similar principle to a hand driven hydraulic jack.

Steve C | Jan 15, 2013
Harry Potter | Jan 15, 2013
Electric pump.

Diesel Injector Nozzle - Bookshelf

192 pages

Determination of diesel injector nozzle characteristics using two-color optical pyrometry

Creator: Stephen A. Ciatti | 2001

362 pages

Cavitation in diesel fuel injector nozzles

Creator: David P. Schmidt | 1997

342 pages

Modern Diesel Technology, Diesel Engines

Creator: Sean Bennett | Technology & Engineering - 2009-01-30

One highway diesel engine manufacturer uses open nozzle injectors and will continue to do so until 2010. Open nozzle injectors use very different principles and are not discussed in this textbook. You will find open nozzle systems on ...

Publisher: Delmar Pub

About this book
Modern Diesel Technology: Diesel Engines is an ideal primer for the aspiring diesel technician, using simple, straightforward language and a building block approach to build a working knowledge of the modern computer-controlled diesel engine and its subsy

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  • Diesel Engines: Fuel System


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